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Once again, I want to welcome you to the Stormerce family... Thanks for coming on board.


Now you have access to the same eCom software that has helped me & my students to build profitable eCom businesses without stress… 

You also now have access to my automated dropshipping software that allows you to profit from dropshipping without having to go through a ton of hoops (if you didn’t pick up this upsell, I would recommend you to do so in your best interest).

Before I take you to your Stormerce dashboard so you can get on with building your eCom store right away, I wanted to give you a special and exclusive opportunity to get access to the one thing that can both guarantee AND fast track your success with Stormerce and eCom in general… NO FLUFF!

You see… With my long years doing eCommerce, I can confidently tell you that I’ve experienced it all… I know the common pitfalls & challenges that most newbies face, if not addressed they are going to pose a serious problem.

But before I reveal this game-changer opportunity, I’d like to ask you a very critical question…

Did You Know That Over 90% Of New Ecom Marketers Throw In The Towel In Their First Year?

Sadly, they do! And this is why you need to pay very keen attention to every detail on this page.

Being successful in eCom is beyond having a beautiful store and driving traffic to it, that’s the first step and Stormerce already got you covered on that count…

Now you’ve got an awesome looking store and can drive tons of targeted traffic (you’ll learn this from the traffic training within Stormerce). . . So, what next?

Sales & Profits, right? Not even close yet…

As you already know, a large chunk of people fail at eCom but what you don’t know is WHY? And that’s what this is all about.

See The 3 Reasons Why Most New Ecom Marketers Struggle

(Avoid These Like Covid Or You Will FAIL Too!) – Which One Have YOU Fallen For?

From my many years of experience in the eCom niche, one or a combination of two or all three of them ALWAYS turns out to be the reason most people don’t succeed with eCom.

  • A lot of marketers spend ample time designing a pretty store but pay less attention and budget to product research. Many rely on BOGUS ‘SPY TOOLS’ AND ‘COPY YOUR COMPETITOR’ SOFTWARE… This is quite laughable as it leads to saturation and a case of the blind copying the blind.
  • Finding trusted suppliers that deliver on quality and on time is another hurdle in the way of beginners. Many times because of your suppliers, you could end up losing a ton of money to refunds and accumulate a lot of bad reviews. This is surely bad for business!
  • Finally, many store owners run Facebook ad campaigns just for the sake of doing so. They pay little or no attention(or budget) to create Facebook ad creatives that are structured & designed to get the sales. This is also very bad for business as you end up wasting time & money.

Checking good on the above, many times is time-consuming and really expensive if you outsource.

It can cost between $5k - $20k on an ongoing monthly basis and the majority of fledgling eCom marketers simply do not have that kind of money to spend…

So they have no option but to carry on struggling…

I Believe You Don’t Want To Struggle! I Totally Get It, So... PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

eCom is all about selling, selling products… But if you get the product wrong, your store will die a natural death… Sorry to say, but it’s the truth!

Now listen up, the most priceless strategy anyone can tell about running a profitable eCom store is not spend countless hours contemplating a business name or logo design but rather, it’s simply to offer the EXACT same products people are willing to pay for, period!

If you get the product right, people will literally beg you to place their orders!! I call these kinds of products “Winning or Hot Selling Products!”

So, in my expert opinion (and as it’s now obvious)... 

The next logical piece of the puzzle that guarantees your success in this game is to have listed in your store HOT-SELLING products that people will bite off your hand when you offer it to them.

And this is why we decided to make this crazy upgrade opportunity available ONLY to our Stormerce users to ensure they get all they need to become successful with Stormerce right out of the gate…

How would you like to COPY & PASTE the same eCom products & marketing campaign that helped me rake in $106k in just 12 days?

And save yourself from months of struggling & doing things that don’t work

As I said, over 90% of new eCom marketers give up in the first year because they can’t figure out the best products to sell or how to drive sales to their eCom store.

But… Right Now and Right Here you can save yourself from this stress and just copy & paste your way to eCom success.


97+ ‘Done For You’ eCom Marketing Campaigns (Winning products, Ads, Videos, Suppliers…)

The easiest beginner friendly method to go from ZERO to a 5
figure eCom marketer without getting your fingers burnt

All The Campaigns You Need to Completely Dominate your eCom Business. It’s 100% Done For You... No Learning Curve, No Hoping It Will Work… Just COPY... PASTE… RINSE… REPEAT…SCALE!

Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

Just Take A Look At What You’re Getting… All ‘Done For You’!

97+ Hot Selling, High in Demand Products

The #1 reason people fail is because they pick the wrong products. we give you access to 97+ tested 'high in demand' ecom products. With these products you cannot get it wrong.

The products are hand picked by experts. If you pick the wrong products you cannot get the other step rights. Most people randomly select products that they upload to their store. With us, there is NO GUESSWORK.

Perfect Pricing, Product Image & Description

For every product that you're getting from us, we will also help with the perfect pricing calculation for you to sell the product & make profit...

Also, we will give you clean images for each product + description, well written by our team of expert copywriters... you don't need to do any work

Reliable Product Suppliers.

The truth is... even if you have a good product to sell, without a good supplier to deliver the product to your customers, you'll lose sales.

This is why, in addition to the 97+ products that you're getting from us, we'll also CONNECT you with reliable suppliers for each of these products...

All you need to do is to get an order, then contact the product supplier that we will link you to and the supplier delivers the product to your customer.

97+ Tested & Approved Facebook Ads

With every product you're getting from us, we are also giving you the exact ad targeting and creative to use for your Facebook ads. The exact ads to run for each of the 97+ products.

Meaning you are getting 97+ done-for-you Facebook ads.

Tested and proven ads by pro copywriters and graphic artists. When you sell the right products, run the right ads to the right audience, then success is GUARANTEED

You can kick start a successful business even TOMORROW without any hassle or sweat.

  • You don’t need to waste your time or money surfing the internet & researching the best products to sell… You’re getting 97+ hot selling products in different niches from me. (Ninety seven.. Oh YES)
  • You don’t need to start taking courses on how to write high converting Facebook Ads copies OR how to design Ad images that grab people’s attention… Each of the products you’re getting comes with a done-for-you Facebook Ads campaign (Ad copy, images & targeting).
  • No need for guessworks & randomly picking up products based on what you feel will sell, then end up disappointed… You will get access to 97+ tested “high in demand” eCom products, so you can’t go wrong.
  • No need to worry about getting a refund request from your customers because we are also linking you up with trusted & reliable suppliers for any product you’re going to sell… One of the biggest reasons for refund is when a product is not delivered to the customer at the given time.
  • No need to pay an expensive monthly subscription fee to use eCom product hunt softwares… You can now leverage months of work & research by our expert eCom team & grab our complete done-for-you eCom marketing campaign for a low bargain.

Today, I’m Handing You the EASIEST & Most BEGINNER-FRIENDLY Way To Get You From ZERO To 5 Figure In A Matter Of Weeks...

Product research ...........................................

done for you

Competition spy     ....................................

done for you    

Product selection ..........................................

done for you

Product images  .....................................

done for you       

Pricing markup

done for you             

Supplier hook up ........................................

done for you   

Facebook Ads Creative ................................

done for you

It’s 100% Done For You... No Learning Curve, No Hoping It Will Work… Just COPY... PASTE… RINSE… REPEAT SCALE!

Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

Watch This Video To See Exactly What You Get With This Upgrade

This Is THE Most Complete, Done-For-You, Swipe & Deploy Ecom Business Opportunity You’ll Ever Find:

No Product

No Searching For
Reliable Suppliers

No Learning
Facebook Ads


No Taking Up All
Of Your Time

No Learning

See What Other Stormerce Users Are Saying About This Upgrade!

And To Make This An Elevator To eCom Success For You…

I am Adding These Super Congruent And Complimentary Fast Action Bonuses Valid ONLY During This Launch Special!

Fast Action Bonus 1

How Would You Like To Put Your eCom Profits Potential On Steroids, And Grow Your Ecom Revenue 49% FASTER?

People who watch Product Videos are
73% MORE likely to BUY (stats from HubSpot)

Get 97+ ‘Ready To Upload’ Done-For-You Video Ads Directly From Our eCom Experts plus 7 new Videos Ads every week... that is a total of 365 videos Ads in 1 year😱

With this, you can instantly DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE Your Sales and Profits From your eCom store.

Fast Action Bonus 2


Fail-proof way to know exactly what ads are working NOW (and what are NOT) so you can Copy & Implement them… don’t waste money on ads that don’t work.

Plus how to get access to the world’s largest Fb ads library to search with over 5 million ads from 15 different countries with thousands of new ads added daily.

Don't Decide Now - Try It For A Full 14 Days With My 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE

Again, because we trust this offer and are 100% confident it’ll get you your desired results in no time, we’re throwing our full weight and reputation behind it with a full 14-Days 100% ZERO RISK GUARANTEE.

We want to ensure that this upgrade opportunity is going to be a super profitable investment for you, otherwise, we won’t keep your money!

You get full access to “test drive” your eCom business with our 97+ Done For You eCom campaigns and if within 14 days(even if it’s on the 14th day), you’re still not overwhelmed by the result of this offer or you think it’s not worth far more than we are charging, simply hit up our support and request a full refund of your investment.

As I said, we won’t be happy to keep your money if the investment is not profitable for you.

See An Example Of The eCom Campaigns You’re Getting:

This Is Just 1... You Are Getting 97+ TODAY With New Winning Products + ADs Added Everyday

Just think….. With this, you don’t need to learn a thing, or put the puzzle pieces together yourself…..

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Listen Up! This is a Deal That You Can’t Afford to Miss

As much as I want to help you by offering you this huge deal, I must also warn you that it’s going to be available for only a limited time… You probably won’t see it again if you refresh or leave this page.

… this is why NOW is the best time to pick it up.

A lot of struggling eCom marketers out there won’t think twice to grab a deal like this, considering what’s inside… Don’t wait till you experience the difficult side of eCommerce before you see the value in this offer - It’ll probably be late by then.

For a very tiny fee today, you’re getting unlimited access to the exact eCom products & marketing campaign that made me $106k in just 12 days…

This offer includes;

  • 97+ hot selling eCom products
  • Done-for-you Facebook Ads campaign
  • Access to trusted suppliers
  • And more inside.

Everything comes completely done-for-you… Plus you also get free access to my premium bonus package worth thousands of dollars.

Alternatively, Getting the same offer will require you to either do it yourself OR buy eCom hunt softwares.

It took a team with more than 10 experts to work on this, how long do you think it’ll take if you’re doing it by yourself? Weeks… maybe even months… You’ll probably give up on your eCom dreams before you ever get to complete it.

Getting an eCom hunt software is not a bad idea since they have human experts to do all the hard work for you… however, most eCom hunt software are very but they are very expensive and the fee is monthly (I’m talking about monthly fees ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars).

If you want to kickstart an eCom business and start getting results immediately, without going through any stress or waste your money… then I highly recommend that you get in & grab this upgrade.

Go ahead and click below to add this to your order now and my team will have this unlocked in your account as soon as you log in in the next few minutes.

It’s 100% Done For You... No Learning Curve, No Hoping It Will Work… Just COPY... PASTE… RINSE… REPEAT SCALE!

Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

FAIR WARNING: this is an incredible upgrade opportunity open exclusively to our Stormerce users, only during this launch special. And the price point is increasing every hour, so the best time to upgrade is NOW!

We are making it super exclusive because we only want a few to get insider access to these winning eCom campaigns to ensure they make a killing off it ever before any of the campaigns becomes saturated.

So if you are still on the fence, by now, you should be able to see that this upgrade is the next logical piece of the puzzle and it guarantees your success in eCom.

See you on the inside…

Stormerce - 97+ Done For You eCom Campaigns
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