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This is probably the 3rd time I’m saying this to you today… that’s because you deserve it.

My team and I are so thrilled to have you and we can’t wait to witness the progress that you’ll start to record in the next few days.

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I know you can’t wait to get inside, but before you go;

What If You Can Instantly Boost Your eCom Profit By 67% Today With ZERO Work?

Get your new customers to come back as repeat buyers & generate a steady passive eCom sales…

But… the truth about eCom is that the money is not in getting new customers alone.

If you truly want to earn 6 figures per year with eCom, then you have to focus on turning your new customer to repeat buyers.

… It’s what the 10% of successful eCom marketers are doing.
And the key to getting repeat buyers is by following up with your new customers.

I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase that states —  the fortune is in the follow-up”.
true!! The fortune is really in following up with existing customers, getting them to come back to buy from you again & again.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% (Marketing Metrics)

Consumers who buy products marketed through email, spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers (illumen)

66% of consumers say that email marketing influences them to make a purchase(Digital Current)

The average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media. (McKinsey)

About one-third of US retail email list subscribers have purchased from the retailer whose email they subscribed to (Listrak)


Now you know the money is in the follow-up, so you can just start following up customers to double your eCom profit.

… But it’s not quite EASY — the problem is that;

Following up with customers means that you have to have them in your email list & send them emails regularly.
However, eCom marketers rarely do email marketing… because it requires much work.

You have to be very good with copywriting so you can be able to write professional, sales-generating follow-up emails by yourself.

Learning copywriting takes time… this is why we want to show you how you can get professionally written, follow-up emails without doing anything.


Stormerce Done-For-You eCom Emails

Here's Your Chance To Get Your Hands On Proven, Sales Generating, 100+ Ecom Email Templates, Direct From The Expert Stormerce Copywriting Team!:

INSTANTLY increase sales by 60-70% by turning new customers into repeat customers.

100+ ‘copy, paste and profit’ proven sales email templates, ready to upload to Aweber, Get Response, MailChimp or your autoresponder of choice.

The exact email templates our 7 figure Ecom expert uses in his email campaigns, including high converting subject lines, call to action buttons, headlines and layouts – no need to test, just plug in and profit.

Proven email templates for every situation e.g. new customer follow up, discount emails, seasonal emails around important holidays…. our copywriting experts have already thought of every single revenue-generating angle for you.

Email calendar and strategy guide for maximum profit pulling impact – you’ll never be caught unawares before an important holiday and lose sales.

Extra $$ WITHOUT the extra work

The Bottom Line:

Not Following Up New Customers Is Like Leaving 2/3rd Of  Your Profits On The Table.

We want you to truly crush Ecom in the next few weeks, but we also want you to continue to crush Ecom for many years.

Creating a ‘fan base’ of happy, returning customers is the secret to long-term 6-7 figures businesses. Of course you can hire a copywriter yourself, but it’s likely to cost you several hundred dollars…..

Then, there’s the issue of quality.
How do you know the emails you will receive will convert? Have they even been tested?

Let’s make this simple for you. Today, you have the choice to spend months and maybe years learning the art of copywriting…..
Or you can try to hire a copywriter yourself, and hope the emails you receive will convert….

Or you can access this……

Get Our Fast Action Bonuses If You Invest Today!

2020/2021 Ecom calendar

Email calendar and strategy guide for maximum profit pulling impact – you’ll never be caught unawares before an important holiday and lose sales.

This eCom calender and strategy guide was specifically designed to work in sync with the exact eCom templates offer on this page. . . So it’s like plug, play n profit

Remember the “Fortune is in the Follow Up” 

Subject line generator software

Subject line generator software is an incredible AI tool that generates highly magnet subject lines that LITERALLY forces your subscribers to open you mails.

This has the potential to 10X your email open rate thereby increasing deliverability and profitability as more people gets to  open, read and as such take action on your offers.

This tool works with point and click simplicity, all you need do is to answer a few questions and boom a cool subject line is generated for you in SECONDS.

100+ Done-For-You, Proven & Tested eCom Emails.

You can instantly copy and use them in your eCom business, just  the way they are.

Plus, it also comes with an eCom calendar to ensure that you never miss out on important dates & holidays… and consequently lose sales.

As a founding member of Stormerce, we want to hand you a proven, profit-pulling Ecom email template, designed for year-round sales generation.

These are the exact same templates our Ecom expert uses to turn new customers into raving fans, who buy again and again from him.

It’s how he managed to go from 6 figures to 7 figures!
Remember, existing customers will spend around 67% MORE than a new customer, and they are a much easier sell.

You won’t have to spend months learning copywriting, or fork out hundreds on copywriting fees, with no guarantee of quality…

You will have access to 100+ Ecom email templates, ready to plug in to your autoresponder today, all pre-tested by our Ecom expert to squeeze out the maximum number of sales….

All for a crazy, low one-time fee.

Warning – if you leave this page, then you will never be able to access Stormerce eCom Mails for such a rock-bottom price In the future, if you want in on Stormerce Ecom Mails, and increase your sales by up to 67%, you will have to pay a much higher fee…..
that’s if it’s ever offered again in the first place.

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