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How Would You Like To Put Your Profit On Steroids, And Grow Your Ecom Revenue 49% FASTER?

Instantly get our 20+ high converting eCom video ad template that increases your clicks & helps you to get sales faster.

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We wanted to quickly show you how successful eCom marketers are using videos to boost conversion rates in their eCom store & generate revenue fast.

I’m talking about 49% conversion...

The truth is… eCommerce is very competitive these days.

Everybody is doing eCom and they are doing it the same way you intend doing yours.

In other words, having an eCom store, hot products to sell & good suppliers is not enough if you want to generate sales fast & earn thousands of dollars every month.

You need an effective way to reach out to your target audience, increase clicks and instantly get people to buy what you’re selling.

Here’s the solution...

Instantly DOUBLE, TRIPLE and even QUADRUPLE Your Sales and Profits with Video Ads.

We all know that video is dominating the entire internet space.

As a matter of fact, it’s a major sales weapon for top eCom marketers. Many marketers love to promote what they are selling to their prospects with videos.

And it’s not a surprise at all… Videos always work!

Think about this for a moment...

You see a product you want to buy online, but somehow you’re having doubts about that product & how it works. Then,all of a sudden, a video pops up showing how the product works.

… You can agree with me that that video will immediately boost your decision to buy that product.

That’s how it is with your prospects… Videos influence the decision of online shoppers more than ordinary images…

Expert studies & research has shown that video is very important in marketing

And here’s the killer...

73% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget (Buffer).

The fact is… video ads convert better than ordinary images

This is why smart eCom marketers love to use videos to promote their eCom products online…

And now, it’s your turn to harness the power of video and use it to generate sales fast.


Stormerce eCom Video Creator

… Get 20+ Done For You, High Converting eCom Video Template That You Can Customize With Ease & Promote your eCom Products Online...

Your Video Problems Are Over in A Blink Of An Eye!

More than 90% of eCom marketers refrain from using videos to promote their products because videos are difficult & very expensive to create, compared to images.

… But, we’ve made it easy for you.

The done-for-you video bundles you’re getting from us are powered by MICROSOFT PowerPoint, which means you can easily customize & use them.

All you need to do is just;

PICK UP the best template.

EDIT the text/images/video.

SAVE and start using it.

… that’s It! In just minutes you can create a video for your eCom products & generate revenue for your business fast with these videos.

No Need to Waste your Precious Time On
Complex Video Software

Powerpoint is super easy to use!

Everybody knows PowerPoint is easy to use, whether you’re creating a presentation or making videos with it… You can use PowerPoint to create eCom videos even if you don’t have video creation skill or knowledge.

Unlike most video apps out there that are very slow in rendering videos, because of poor hosting servers, Microsoft PowerPoint is different.

Nothing to download, zero downtime!        

It’s not cloud-based, it’s already installed in your computer, which means you’re not going to experience server issues or slow rendering.

Everything is done from your computer… You don’t need to log into any cloud based app & set up your account, there’s no software to download & install.

In just minutes from now, you can grab this done for you video bundle & start creating high converting eCom videos fast.

That's not all . . . 

Dramatically Reduce Your Refund Rate By Up To A Whopping 50%

Here’s the best part...

We don’t just want you to make profits, we want you to hold on to your profits.

Refunds can be a big issue in Ecom, and many marketers have gone out of business due to a high level of refunds.

Remember, your potential customers can’t feel your products in their hands. Video ads are the next best thing to actually holding a product yourself.

By providing videos, you give buyers quality information that isn’t hidden behind good angles and lighting.

They understand the products they’re buying and are happier with their purchases when they receive them... leading to a dramatic fall in your refund rates by up to 50%.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On This Upgrade?

Now, compare this to using Microsoft PowerPoint...

First of all, it’s free so you’re not paying a dime to use it… Secondly, it’s very easy to use.

Why spend money on complex video tools or freelance video creators when you can simply use Microsoft PowerPoint for free and with ease?

Don’t miss out on this chance to increase your clicks & boost sales by 73%...

See A Preview Of Some Of The Templates

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Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

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1500+ Video Asset Library [PNG, SVG & GIF]

1500+ Video Asset Library comes with thousands of engaging, creative, and eye-popping video assets cutting across several activities, professions, posture, mood, etc.

Each asset file comes in multiple formats to suit your different needs - PNG, SVG, GIF, etc.

All assets are compatible with all your popular video creation software like Powerpoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effect, Camtasia, Animation Studio, etc.

With this, customizing your video templates becomes super easy and far less demanding as you get all the assets you need at your disposal.

Fast Action Bonus 2:

Ultimate Video Bundle

This is an incredible COLLECTION of premium video creation assets.

You get;

✅ 50+ Video Background
✅ 50+ Audio Music for your videos
✅ 100+ Proven Viral Videos

And lots more...

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Normal Price: $497/Year

Today Only: One Time Fee

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See you on the inside…

Stormerce - eCom Video Creator
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